Christmas Special

By Sensu

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In the shape of this short film, we struck upon a fitting way to round off 2022. Enjoying a bit of creative freedom, showcasing our in-house talent, and spotlighting a very good cause – all at the same time. Cheerful yet earnest, we hope you can appreciate our Christmas message in more ways than one. 

Santa Claus looking at a barren landscape 3D animation.jpg

Forget Christmas Trees... Save the Rainforest

Junglekeepers are a non-profit organisation based in Peru, battling with dedication to protect a vital corridor of life within the Amazon. The importance of their activities and the sheer magic of the jungle were previously captured in the documentaries Dark Green and Crucial Time. At Sensu, we fully back their cause and hope to continue to play a small part in the conveyance of their message around the world. 

Save the Rainforest

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