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For bioreactor systems developer and supplier Applikon Biotechnology, we produced a series of product films. For the range of different products, we needed a different approach for each film – while ensuring that we retained consistency overall.

Grand Systems

Applikon develops tailor-made bioreactor solutions – and this usually concerns systems that are very large. In the film, we found a way to capture the grandness of these systems, while also revealing the entire production process – from design, to final product.


For Applikon’s miniBio, we came up with the idea to emphasise how small things can lead to grand results. By incorporating this idea into the script, we managed to create this playful product video that really suits the product’s design.

Appliflex ST

For the Appliflex ST film, it was key to show different flexible models that can be used for various bioprocesses. We incorporated multiple vessels in our film, while emphasising the design possibilities by showing the technical 3D drawings. The use of these 3D drawings also created consistency: the same element was used in other marketing materials that were being developed for the Appliflex ST. 


Applikon also developed a software platform that can be used to control multiple bioreactors. In line with the idea of software, we approached this film with animation in mind. By translating the functionalities of the software into 2D animations – while maintaining a futuristic style – we found a way to express the possibilities of V-Control.

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