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New brand identity

For the Amsterdam Institute for Infection & Immunity, we created a new brand identity from scratch. We established an engaging identity that resonates both internally – with scientists connected to the institute – as well as externally: with the public. The challenge was to work within the boundaries of Amsterdam UMC’s existing corporate identity.

Amsterdam Infection Immunity.jpg

Logo design

The process of designing AII's new logo started with a slight revision of the institute’s name. Following this alteration, we came up with this design. The logo is made up of the letters of the institute, which are connected by two interlinked circles. This interconnection represents the connectivity that is central to the immune system, while the two circles also hint at an infection: a virus taking over a cell.

Schermafbeelding 2020-07-08 om 11.04.23.png


In collaboration with the institute, we created a film in which the idea of connectivity is given a central role: connectivity within the body, but also between research locations, fields of research, and different practices. 

Graphic design

While adapting the visual style of the animations for corporate materials, we tried to find a balance between the playfulness and intrigue of our visuals and the guidelines provided by the overarching Amsterdam UMC.

Schermafbeelding 2020-07-08 om 10.53.31.png

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