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Environmentally friendly pesticides

Futureco Bioscience is a key player in the establishment of environmentally friendly agricultural products. It is an innovative institution that offers valid and efficient, sustainable alternatives to traditional pesticides. Despite a history of producing biostimulants, the company now also has a strong pipeline in biocontrol. We collaborated with Futureco on two 3D animations showcasing the mechanism of action of their biocontrol products: NOFLY and BESTCURE. 


Insect pests are highly detrimental to farmers – destroying crops, either directly or through the transmission of plant diseases, and thereby causing significant economic losses. To combat this, Futureco Bioscience has developed NOFLY: an organic insecticide based on spores of the proprietary entomopathogenic fungus Cordyceps fumosorosea. In this animation, we follow the mechanism of the NOFLY product – slowly killing the insects and thereby ensuring that fruits and vegetables can keep growing healthily. 


Fungal and bacterial diseases can do serious harm to crops. Take black sigatoka – a destructive fungal disease that affects all banana varieties. Infected plants can result in yield losses of over 50%. To prevent and treat the threats formed by a wide range of fungi and bacteria, Futureco Bioscience has developed BESTCURE – a cold-pressed and optimally stabilised organic extract of citric species with a dual mode of action. Both actions are demonstrated in detail in this second 3D animation. We see how BESTCURE treats the fungal disease from within the banana leaf. As the film comes to a close, we zoom back out to reveal the restored banana crops in all their glory.

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Vibrant and colourful animations

In line with the company’s corporate identity, the animations are vibrant and colourful. Using elegant shapes and saturated colours, we created beautifully intricate scenes that can impress any audience. Smooth scene transitions allow the film to flow at a steady pace, while a tactile and rich sound design ensures that the animations really come to life.

The Power to Simplify

“From our point of view, animations help us to visualize the complex, often invisible-to-the-eye, mechanisms of action of our biological products – in this case a fungicide and a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide. Sometimes a theoretical and oral explanation takes for granted a concept that is not so clear in the public mind, whereas images have the power to simplify and, in a way, make understanding more obvious and digestible."

"Also, the animations put our products more in the context of the field, making some details of real situations explicit without the need to explain or theorize. For example, our Bestcure is particularly effective in treating fungi that appear and affect crops in rainy or humid periods. We do not explain this in the animation, but the whole video takes place after a storm in a particularly humid environment. Sometimes showing these videos, by giving more context, serves to connect different aspects of our products and generate more questions and technical discussion.”

– Eleonora Aquilini (Communications & Public Relations Director at Futureco Bioscience)

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Customer Experience

"I really enjoyed working with you, and the entire process of creation, from script to visuals and animations, has been fascinating. I do believe our final videos are amazing and I can’t wait to produce another one with you!"

– Eleonora Aquilini (Communications & Public Relations Director)

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