Transformative brand identities

Moving companies forward

We move companies forward, by creating transformative brands for science, the medical industry and high-tech. Whether you are just starting your brand, or ready to scale up. Our design approach is rooted in science and technology. These elements distinguish our work, giving our concepts a bold and modern edge that comes through in all aspects of our designs. 

Image of an eye seen through a device that extracts data

Insight first

Too many businesses have wasted precious capital on the creation of visual communication without a clear strategy. At Sensu, we focus first and foremost on insight. This ensures that our clients' innovation drives their business, is rooted in their purpose, and delivers value for the customer of the future.

Our clients want something unique

They ask for tailor-made solutions. They're not interested in limits, and restrictions. They are looking for the right agency. That's why we take the time to get to know the client, before we do anything else. We invest time to discuss goals, explore ideas, consider the paths that lead to success - before any creative work even begins.

This mock-up image shows two pages from the branding style guide for AlfarimAn image that shows multiple devices and collateral with the HUB branding designed by Sensu
A female face with a HUD on the pupil that extracts data from the eye

Finding paths of opportunity

We are strategic thinkers and creative adventurers – both at the same time. Our team is committed to giving shape to your brand or project. From a fresh perspective – and with the help of a large network of creative experts – we examine the associations connected to every stylistic choice, create new experiences, and find paths of opportunity.

Daring designs

In establishing your brand, we see to it that all your communication conveys unity. We design the logo, brand elements and colour themes in such a way that, upon encountering your front door, people instantly want to know what's behind it. Above all, we make you stand out from your competitors by creating something daring – something unique.

This image shows the interactive website for FiveT designed by Sensu.jpgThis image shows the interactive website for Alfarim designed by Sensu.jpg

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