Bridging the gap between research, business, politics and society

Science and innovation drive progress and prosperity. We maximise societal impact and commercial benefit by building bridges that connect academia with business, politics and the general public. We do so by creating a corporate video, a beautiful portrait, a 3D animation or, perhaps, a beautiful documentary.


We believe that science and innovation are pillars of our society. Scientific institutions produce groundbreaking studies and inventive solutions that can drastically benefit the world we live in. Unfortunately, relatively few of these insights and innovations reach the wider public.


People today are used to receiving information that is fast and clear, and most of all, easily accessible. Furthermore, when the information does not capture the audience’s attention instantly, it is dismissed as easily as it was accessed – with a simple click.


Scientific studies and innovative projects draw attention when they are powered by high-quality video. It is one of the tools we provide that can facilitate research valorisation. Let us help you engage with society and persuade both businesses and politicians to listen to the voice of science.

Recent Science Projects


We produce Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) because we want to be part of a world in which knowledge is available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. We are convinced that technology can and should make learning easier.


At Sensu science, we envision a future in which all people have access to world-class education. Through making quality, visually enhanced lectures available all over the world – to anyone with an Internet connection – MOOCs have the power to realise that future.

Visual Storytelling

Inspired by developments in online education, we have started to produce top-quality video content for MOOCs. By combining our experience of working within the academic world with our skills in visual storytelling, we are able to make engaging video lectures.


Aside from creating all sorts of video content, including animations, we take care of every detail during the production process – from ideas for shaping the course to coaching and directing at all stages. Our service is aimed specifically at your needs, making sure everyone involved is fully prepared.

What clients say

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