The Fascinating World of Proteomics

This video provides a glimpse at the fascinating world of proteomics research, the study of all proteins that form the basis for life. The video that we producedĀ for the lab of prof. dr. Albert Heck at Utrecht University and the Netherland Proteomics Centre.

What is proteomics?

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins, which are vital parts of all living organisms. Studying proteins can help to better understand diseases and the effectiveness of drugs. But it can also teach us why some plants can adapt to harsh environments and how we can most effectively combat bacterial infections.


Utrecht University


Director: Jesper Buijvoets
Producer I: Caspar de Zeeuw
Producer II: Rense Buijvoets
D.O.P.: Peter Reese
Editor: Jesper Buijvoets
Sound design: Maarten Westra - Dither
Animator: David Torrico
Dancer girl: Angela Herenda de Kroo
Dancer guy: Milan Schudel

Lab, Science
Albert Heck, Proteins, Proteomics, Science Film, Short Documentary, Utrecht University