Now is the time – Short film

During the Nijmegen 48hour film festival, where you have to produce a short film in 48 hour from scratch, we created thisĀ absurd and surreal short film about a janitor going insane.

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Best Cinematography
Best Sound Design
Runner-up Directing

48hour direction

Genre: Fantasy
Character: Mark the Dog
Line: Don't worry, summertime is coming
Prop: Bike


Bathroom Attendant: Pasquale Camporeale
Angel: Dijanne Italianer
Little Girl : Loes de Jongh
Marc the Dog Twan Boon
Marc the Dog's chick: Heleen ten Kate

Writer: Ivan Novakovic
Director I: Jesper Buijvoets
Director II: Caspar de Zeeuw
D.O.P.: Peter Reese
Camera: Wander Andringa
Sound Engineer: Jesper Bauer
Runner: Michiel Gerritsma
Make-up: Bonnie Faber
Editor I: Jesper buijvoets
Editor II: Wander Andringa
Colorist: Wander Andringa
Sound design, mixing & mastering: Floris Jonker (KUDO Studio)
Producer: Caspar de Zeeuw

Insane, Janitor, Korte Film, Now Is The Time, Pills, Short Film, Surreal