Michelle Craske – Fear & Learning

Michelle Craske – An Introduction

Michelle Craske (nominated by the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience) was awarded for her great academic influence in the field of clinical psychology and in particular experimental psychopathology.

During the official celebration of the University of Maastricht’s 39th anniversary, four outstanding individuals were awarded an honorary doctorate for their exceptional contributions to academic education and research or their contributions to society. We made short video portraits of each of them for the award ceremony.

Honorary Doctorates – Maastricht University


Maastricht University


Director I: Jesper Buijvoets
Director II: Caspar de Zeeuw
Writer I: Rense Buijvoets
Writer II: Caspar de Zeeuw
Producer: Caspar de Zeeuw
Editor: Jesper Buijvoets
Mixing & mastering: Kudo Studio


January 20, 2015

Clinical Psychology, documentary, Fear & learning, Honorary Doctorate, Introduction, Michelle Craske, portrait