Christine Korsgaard – Ethics & Morality

Christine Korsgaard – A Portrait

Christine Korsgaard (Harvard University) is one of the most influential moral philosophers of our time. She combines highly original philosophical arguments with insightful work on the history of ethics. Her work concerns the foundations of moral obligation, practical reason, agency, and Kant’s and Kantian ethics. Her contributions have been groundbreaking in all these areas.

This is one of ten portraits we created for the University of Groningen on the occasion of its 400th anniversary. Each of the portrayed men and women was awarded an honorary doctorate. These videos express the personality and passion of these leading international professors in diverse fields of research.

Honorary Doctorates


University of Groningen


Director I: Jesper Buijvoets
Director II: Caspar de Zeeuw
D.O.P. I: Walker Pachler
D.O.P. II: Jesper Buijvoets
Interviewer: Nyckle Swierstra
Sound: Caspar de Zeeuw
Producer I: Nyckle Swierstra
Producer II: Caspar de Zeeuw
Editor: Jesper Buijvoets
Mixing & mastering: Kudo Studio


June 10, 2014

Christine Korsgaard, documentary, Harvard, Interview, Morality, Philosophy, portrait, Short Documentary