01 Nov When Your Neighbours Make Your Life A Misery

Noisy Neighbours

When asked if you know somebody who has terrible neighbours, chances are you’ll give a positive answer. We’ve all heard stories of noisy neighbours, antisocial neighbours, or even aggressive neighbours. But how should governments act when it comes to this problem?

How To Solve That Problem?

They are complicated situations, due to the constant clash of personal interests. One neighbour claims to have the right to a quiet and peaceful living, while the other says he is free to play his music as loud as he wants. This makes for interesting cases for law scholars and researchers.

Professor Michel Vols is one of the researchers who is looking into this curious but troublesome phenomenon. He is trying to find solutions to problems of this type, while respecting the human rights of all those involved.

Take a look, and imagine being in a similar situation. What would you do?

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