03 Oct Meet the Unusual Economist

Innovation. It seems to have become rather a fashionable word, doesn’t it? A trendy word that is misused too often. Companies and other success seekers use it to single themselves out as inspirational pioneers. But let’s not forget the true meaning and power of this word.

At Sensu, we are strong believers that those who understand how to bridge gaps are the true innovators. Not those who just understand this, mind you, but who actually manage to convert their thoughts and knowledge to action. In a world that is in desperate need of new leadership, not only do we need visionaries, but we need visionaries who are also practitioners.

As science communicators, we are lucky enough to meet people who master both of these skills. Two years ago we spoke to Dani Rodrik, one of the most inspiring economists we have ever met. Famous for his original thoughts on globalization and economic development, Rodrik has both a foreseeing eye and an entrepreneurial attitude. Over the years he has delivered a thoughtful blend of advanced theoretical and empirical work, always with an eye on its usefulness in forming better policies.

In our interview with Dani Rodrik we step into his view on the role of economics, and the way they can achieve a positive change. Follow Rodrik’s blog to keep track of his interesting thoughts on science & society. 

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