19 Oct This Man Knows How To Fight Global Flooding

Can We Solve The Problem Of  Global Flooding?

There is an increasing risk of global flooding. We might want it to be, but our world is not flood resilient. Instead of coastal flooding, in the future heavy rainfall will cause us to experience flooding of a new type. The water will be coming from above, with showers lasting for much longer. How will our cities cope with such a drastic environmental change?

It is worth asking if this complicated issue of global flooding actually has a solution. According to environmental researcher Steven Forrest, the answer is yes – though it involves the cooperation of many businesses and governmental institutions.

How Can We Solve It?

In the following film, Steven Forrest explains his view on worldwide water management and the solutions it can offer. His ideas are innovative, resourceful and very creative. A a result of his research, he received the Sustainable Society Impact Award 2016.


Steven Forrest, winner Sustainable Society Impact Award 2016 from Sensu on Vimeo.

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