01 Dec Enzyme Engineering – How Molecular Machines Change Today’s Industry

Did you know there are millions of tiny efficient machines that make it possible for you to exist, and that these same machines can also radically change the landscape of today’s industry? Want to find out how? Watch our latest film that we made for H2020 project “ROBOX”.

Mega Project

A whopping 19 international partners (universities, companies and institutes) are involved in this groundbreaking H2020 research project. This just goes to show how huge this project’s scope is, with so many parties set to benefit from the research. To communicate the project’s relevance with both the general public as well as the industry, the University of Groningen, and DSM asked if we could make a film to help to disseminate the project.

It was, most of all, a real challenge to make a film that’s both scientifically accurate as well as a visual feast, therefore we were very happy with the compliments we received. “What was especially clever was the choice to build a big enzyme sculpture, and shape it on the spot as a visual representation of enzyme engineering” said Marco Fraaije, professor at the University of Groningen and leader of the Enzyme Engineering ROBOX work package. “You did a great job visualizing the complex science”.

European Dissemination

In Brussels (EU), where the H2020 projects are coordinated from, the film was received with a huge applause. As a result we hope that the success of this film will inspire more researchers to communicate their work in creative ways, because it is an example of how the medium of film can be a great tool for dissemination and valorisation; combining both passion for science and passion for film brings science closer to the public!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the ROBOX project. Are you a scientist or innovator working on an interesting project and are you curious to find out how your research could be an inspiring film? Click here, we promise you won’t be disappointed!
Here you can find all partners involved in the ROBOX project:
Acib, c-LEcta, Chemstream, ETH Zürich, DSM, DTU: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, DuPont Industrial Biosciences, evoXX
Fraunhofer, Givaudan, Lentikat’s Biotechnology, Maastricht University, PNO Consultants, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, RWTH Aachen University, Technische Universität Graz, The University of Manchester, Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona, Università di Pavia