16 Nov How Do We Develop A Sense Of Home?

When someone asks you “Do you feel at home?”, you are capable of giving an immediate answer. However, you probably don’t know how this ‘perception’ was developed over the years. What factors influence this idea, this notion of being ‘at home’?

What Kinds of Problems Can Arrise?

Let’s make it a bit more complicated. How would it feel to be the ‘other one’ in a country your parents weren’t born in? Which country would you identify with most? Scientist Femke Stock has analysed the life stories of many immigrants in the Netherlands and looking at each of them from multiple perspectives helped her to come across some surprising findings.

Because of Femke’s use of in-depth psychological questioning, she has gained remarkable insight into the feeling of home amongst first-generation Turkish & Moroccan adults born in the Netherlands. She has an eye for small but important details, resulting in a humanized understanding that each of us can relate to. In conclusion: her analyses can bring people with different backgrounds together.

Step into the world of cultural identity!

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