Film production, campaign development and strategic advice.

Combining clever insights with creative concepts and excellent execution, we help you tell your story and activate your audience. Video is our passion, but we use whatever medium works best for you.


Science and innovation drive progress and prosperity. We maximise societal impact and commercial benefit by building bridges that connect academia with business, politics and the general public.

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From offshore dredging to robots and big data – (smart) industry blows us away. We specialize in engaging your customer through the simplified explanation of complicated processes and cutting-edge technology.

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The creative industries are where we go to play. Whether through directing music videos, filming documentaries or putting together commercials, this is where we develop and learn by letting our creativity run freely.

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By taking care of every aspect - scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, music - we create videos that perfectly fit your need. We use cutting-edge technology, including 3D animation, stereoscopic 3D and 360° video, to deliver the innovative, first-rate quality that underpins all our work.

Campaign development

No one automatically reaches their intended audience. We work hard to ‘get you’ and capture what you stand for in a powerful campaign for all necessary mediums - from guerrilla marketing and website creation to social media strategies and viral content.

Strategic advice

We also offer specialised consultation and never hesitate to ask all the right questions. Thanks to our experience with organisations of all sizes, we are able to instigate a process that you will learn something from, as well as working towards an end product that is pleasing to all.

What clients say

Stop dreaming. Start creating.

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